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OMA最新项目De Rotterdam 近日竣工。De Rotterdam 可以看成是一个三座层叠与交错的大楼组成的垂直城市。重叠的块体中分布着密集而多元的




De Rotterdam is conceived as a vertical city: three interconnected mixed-use towers accommodating offices, apart- ments, a hotel, conference


facilities, shops, restaurants, and cafes.

De Rotterdam


活力的城市活动— 贸易,运输,休闲。大楼的名字参照了Wilhelminapier荷美邮轮中一首船的名字,在过去的很多年,很多欧洲移民从这里坐邮轮


The project began in 1997. Construction started at the end of 2009, with completion in 2013. The towers are part of the ongoing redevelopment

of the old harbour district of Wilhelminapier, next to the Erasmus Bridge, and aim to reinstate the vibrant urban activity – trade, transport, leisure

– once familiar to the neighbourhood. De Rotterdam is named after one of the ships on the Holland America Line, which departed from the

Wilhelminapier in decades past, carrying thousands of Europeans emigrating to the US.

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The three towers reach 150m high, with a gross floor area of approximately 162,000m2, making De Rotterdam the largest building in the


Netherlands. OMA’s architectural concept produces more than sheer size: urban density and diversity – both in the program and the form – are


the guiding principles of the project. De Rotterdam’s stacked towers are arranged in a subtly irregular cluster that refuses to resolve into a


singular form and produces intriguing new views from different perspectives. Similarly, the definition of the building changes according to its


multiple uses internally.




The various programs of this urban complex are organized into distinct blocks, providing both clarity and synergy: resi- dents and office workers


alike can use the fitness facilities, restaurants, and conference rooms of the hotel. And these private users of the building have contact with the


general public on the ground floor, with its waterfront cafes. The lobbies for the offices, hotel, and apartments are located in the plinth – a long

elevated hall that serves as a general traffic hub for De Rotterdam’s wide variety of users.





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