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Education Center (1) Erasmus大学的医学教育中心医疗中心完美的实现了结合。 教育中心位于建筑群的裙房部分,三角形的元素被运用在天窗,墙面装饰等处,实现了现代理性同时明亮的教育学习环境。 This design is prompted by the desire for a better integration of all the teaching facilities connected with the Medical Centre.   Education Center (3) 医疗中心位于建筑群的塔楼部分。裙房的教育中心也为医疗中心的人员提供资源,优化他们的写作和专业知识。同时,这座临近公园,博物馆,理 工学院和医学院的教育中心也是校园该地区的交汇点,其激发了城市的潜力。 The Medical Centre thereby hoped to optimise the synergy between the departments, their staff and their expertise. This ambition called for a new building that matches both the goals and the existing buildings on location. The design, however, also contributed to a better integration and linking of the entire Erasmus Medical Centre with the city. In that process the Westzeedijk, but especially the adjacent Museumpark, must be transformed from barriers into a turntable or meeting point. After all, other institutions border on this park which also contribute to an urban culture such as the museums, the Kunsthal, the Medical Faculty, the Polytechnic, and the Erasmiaans Gymnasium. The urban and cultural potential of the park and its potential as a flywheel have hardly been exploited so far. Education Center (6) The idea of a turntable and meeting point can also be seen inside the building itself. Various components of health care are represented with their teaching institution in the new Teaching Centre. During their study, students can meet and exchange ideas with colleagues from related disciplines. The master plan, with a strategy and sketch design, envisages a large study landscape as the focal point of the Teaching Centre where all students, teachers and members of staff are able to meet one another. 交汇点这一思想也体现在建筑内部布局中。各部门都有自己的独立教学机构,同时新的教学中心还突出公共场所以便为相关学科的同事们提供会面 与交流的空间。这个大型的新教育中心为学生,教师,职员创造出了尽可能多的会面与交流空间。 Education Center (7)Education Center (9) Education Center (10) Education Center (11) Education Center (12) Education Center ckr_schema Erasmus_ruimtelijk concept Education Center (2)


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