FLOWER 餐厅、酒吧和活动场地|Aluminum Flower Garden Moriyuki Ochiai Architects

在规划FLOWER 餐厅、酒吧和活动场地的布局时,我们遇到了挑战:如何做到“屋如其名”,把餐厅打造出如名字一般的意境。由于日本资源有限,其造物精神就是用最少的材料做出最精巧的工艺。

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During the course of planning the layout for the FLOWER restaurant / bar and event space, we were challenged to come up with a concept that would evoke the floral imagery of the establishment’s eponymous name.In a country with limited resources such as Japan, the spirit of Monodzukuri is the epitome of ingenuity at the service of craftsmanship.





From a single sheet of paper, which can be folded into a variety of shapes, emerged the art of Origami From a single bolt of fabric was born one of Japan’s most iconic garments: the Kimono From a single piece of cloth, which can be used to wrap and carry all sorts of objects, came the Furoshiki.Taking inspiration from this cultural background, we used a single finite material—aluminum—as a simple planar surface from which we created an engaging three-dimensional space that fulfills various functions and requirements at once.


A sheet of aluminum, a recyclable material as thin and flexible as paper, spreads across the ceiling as it fills the space with its light and airy presence.The creases in the aluminum are as many glittering and fluttering petals covering the ceiling and enfolding visitors in a flowery embrace.


Changes to the size and density of the flower petals impart the function and atmosphere suited to each area, such as lively and quiet areas created through minute differences in the height and expanse of a given space.

One’s position and angle of vision as well as the reflection of images and lights from the mirrors on the walls concur to perpetually redefine the appearance of the whole space, thus enabling the viewer to experience a space with transient and diverse atmospheres.The layering of minutely differing areas throughout the space gives people the opportunity to find an oasis of comfort at their own leisure.As flowers bloom in all their glory, this delicate yet splendid flower garden provides one and all with moments of delight.


Sustainable Aspects
Moreover, since they give the space its singularity, we adapted the assembly method of the aluminum ceiling parts so as to be able to disassemble and reinstall them when moving the business to a different location. In doing so, we devised a way to effectively reduce the costs of moving.

Project Name: Aluminum Flower Garden

Design Firm: Moriyuki Ochiai Architects
Use: Restaurant / Bar, Event Space
Location: Tokyo
Area : 80sqm
Photo: tetsu hiraga
Completion : 2013.1

Ceiling:recycled aluminum sheet,skeleton AEP
Floor: stone tile
Wall:painted drywall

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